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Zoom teeth whitening treatment

Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment

Tooth discoloration happens overtime due to food stain or incorrect dental hygiene. These stains can be removed by a whitening process known as extrinsic stains, meaning that the stains are only on the surface of the tooth. However, the stains which have permeated the tooth are called intrinsic stains. These are more serious that the extrinsic and can cause cracks in the enamel and also thinning of the enamel. Since many traditional whitening procedures were not able to remove intrinsic stains a new technology known as Zoom is able to do so.

Since there are so many teeth whitening methods available, it can be difficult to find one that is both affordable and effective. Zoom works quickly and effectively due to the hydrogen peroxide gel which is the main ingredient. The procedure is done in your dentist office and within hours your smile will be considerably brighter.

There is nothing to be afraid of if you want to use Zoom teeth whitening treatment. The
whole process is easy and takes only a short amount of time. First, your dentist will prepare your teeth by cleaning the debris and plaque. The dentist then uses a mouth brace to keep you comfortable while keeping your mouth opened.

Both your gums and lips are covered with only your teeth exposed.

At a total of 3 times at 15 minutes intervals, the dentist will apply the Zoom gel by directing the laser towards your teeth each time.

The complete procedure lasts for approximately 45 minutes removing the discoloration.

The results are a transformed smile with glistening white teeth and greater whitening over the next two days or more.

Why use the Zoom laser Whitening?

Is it really necessary to use the laser? While the Zoom gel can get your teeth whiter all by itself, studies done by several universities including the manufacturer of Zoom, reveal that the laser is really necessary. When both- the laser and gel- are combined they produce optimum results. The laser works more quickly. It produces swift development in teeth color.

The laser has become very popular and more people are opting for this procedure. The use of the laser with the gel minimizes the need for several sessions and repeat treatments. If you really want to achieve a radiant and dazzling smile, the laser has to be included. Once the procedure is managed by a qualified dentist, it’s very safe, comfortable and effective.

Your teeth may be perfectly aligned but, teeth do get discolored overtime and by your
lifestyle. So if you need to inject some brightness to your smile, Zoom is the solution.

With Zoom you are guaranteed quick, reliable and long term results. It is the best teeth whitening treatment available on the market. So why not improve your smile? With Zoom treatment, your teeth will get brighter, your smile more radiant and there’s no damage to your teeth or the enamels after the procedure is completed.

Zoom teeth whitening procedure is becoming more popular due to its effectiveness, comfort and incredible results. Once the procedure is performed by a trained cosmetic dentist, you are guaranteed a smile that is no less than eight shades brighter.